Texas Style Fiddling – New!


With award winning fiddlers Sherry and Joey McKenzie, students will learn new techniques and play songs outside the Suzuki repertoire.  Students who choose this option will have a one hour Friday night class and a one hour Saturday class in addition to the basic registration classes.  This group will also perform on the Workshop Concert.  Music will be sent out before the Workshop so students can come with some advance preparation.  These classes are for violin students who have polished Minuet 2 and beyond.  Taught by Sherry McKenzie, fiddle, and Joey McKenzie, guitar.

Minimum Level Requirements:

  • Violin only.
  • A student’s polished piece must be Minuet 2 or higher.
  • Basic Registration plus additional fee.
  • Enrollment in Fiddling requires a two day commitment.


Add Texas Style Fiddling to your Basic Registration

• Will replace an Enrichment class from Basic Registration schedule

• Perform as a fiddler in the workshop concert

• Can be combined with Orchestra option

• Fiddle for students not enrolled in Orchestra will begin at 5:00 on Friday.  Fiddle for students who are enrolled in Orchestra will begin at 7:00 on Friday.