Repertoire Review List

* Greenville Suzuki Strings Association and Greenville ISD regret we are unable to host the Greenville Suzuki Workshop until further notice.  Thank you for your interest in our workshop.  Producing the Workshop for you has been our great pleasure! *



The following Repertoire Review List is intended to assist students in preparation for the 2019 Greenville Suzuki Strings Workshop and Festival Concert.  While students are expected to play from memory all the pieces in the Suzuki Method Books up to and including the Polished Piece submitted for this Workshop, the following list is intended for their particular focus since pieces on the Saturday 4:00 PM Festival Concert will likely be drawn from this Repertoire Review List.  Advanced level students may be sent an additional repertoire list once enrollment is determined.

Students need only review pieces on the list which they have memorized and polished.  Do not worry about playing a piece not yet learned.

Cello Repertoire Review List

Book 1:  Twinkle Variations, French Folk Song, Lightly Row, Song of the Wind, Allegretto, Andantino, Rigadoon, Etude, Happy Farmer

Book 2:  Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus, Hunters’ Chorus, Theme from “Witches Dance”

Book 3:  Scherzo, Humoresque

Book 4:  Breval Sonata in C Major, Op. 40, No. 1, Allegro, Bach Minuets from Suite in G Major

Book 5:  Danse Rustique, Arioso

Book 6:  The Swan, Vivaldi Double Concerto Cello part 1 & 2

Book 7:  Eccles Sonata Largo & Allegro

Book 8:  Allegro Appassionatto, Elegie

Violin Repertoire Review List

Book 1:  Twinkle Variations; Song of the Wind; Long, Long Ago; Perpetual Motion; Etude; Minuet 2; Minuet 3

Book 2:  Hunters’ Chorus, Handel Bourree, Two Grenadiers, Boccherini Minuet; Beethoven Minuet in G Major

Book 3:  Minuet (Bach),  Bach Gavotte in G Minor; Gavotte in D Major

Book 4:  Seitz Concerto #2 , 3rd movement in G Major; Seitz Concerto #5, first movement in D major, Concerto in a minor, 1st Movement (Vivaldi)

Book 5:  Vivaldi Concerto in G Minor; Country Dance, Vericini Gigue

Book 6:  Handel Sonata in F Major, 1st Movement; Fiocco Allegro

Book 7:  Minuet by Mozart; Corelli Allegro

Book 8:  Eccles Sonata in g minor, 1st and 2nd movements, Tamborin

Viola Repertoire Review List

Book 1:  Twinkle Variations, French Folk Song, Allegro, Bohemian Folk Song, Minuet 2

Book 2:  Musette, Gavotte from Mignon, The Two Grenadiers

Book 3:  Minuet in D (Mozart), Bach Bouree

Book 4:  Concerto No. 2, 3rd Movement (Seitz), Concerto in G Major, 1st and 2nd Movements (Telemann)

Book 5:  Country Dance, Seitz Concerto No. 3 in c minor

Book 6:  La Folia, Hungarian Dance No. 5

Book 7:  Schubert Ave Maria, Corelli Allegro

Book 8:  Hummel Fantasie, Bruch Romanze