Enrichment Courses


In an effort to ensure that students get the maximum benefit from each class, enrichment courses will be assigned  according  to level and/or age.



Bill Shiflet will be offering a watercolor painting enrichment class.  This class will incorporate and intertwine music and painting.  Students will use the tempo, mood and rhythm they hear in the music to create a visual representation of the piece.  In short, students will be painting what they hear.



With award winning fiddlers Sherry and Joey McKenzie, students in Enrichment Fiddle will learn basic techniques and simple fiddle tunes.  Sherry and Joey will teach a limited number of Enrichment classes in addition to the optional two day Fiddle Course they are teaching for an additional  fee at the Workshop.  Unlike the optional Fiddle Course, no extra fee or advance preparation is required for this Enrichment class.  Students will be assigned to the Enrichment Fiddle class based on age and/or level.



Jan Baker will teach this class guiding students toward experiencing music and self expression through movement.

Participants will experience movement activities such as creative movement, traditional dances, and singing games. These activities are designed to engage students physically, musically, mentally and socially!

Every culture and time period has its own traditional dances, songs and games. We will take a quick trip around the world and sample the music and dances of some of these cultures.

Musically, students will experience beat, rhythm, meter, form, sequencing and the simple joy of moving to a variety of musical styles and cultures. Participation in these traditional games and dances can help build community, collaboration and cooperation, create interpersonal connections, and help students focus and learn problem solving skills and practice good manners and consideration of others.



Taught by Gustavo Finessi, the Improvisation Enrichment class will encourage students at all levels to experience the imagination, creativity and joys of improvisation.



Non-strings playing siblings can join in the fun, too!  Art and Orff & Movement will be available to them for a fee.  See Workshop Registration to register siblings for these classes.