Enrichment Courses


In an effort to ensure that students get the maximum benefit from each class, enrichment courses will be assigned  according  to level and/or age.



Bill Shiflet will help students explore the basics of Watercolor and Ink: choosing the right brushes, mixing and applying paint, correcting mistakes, and using white of the paper. We will experiment with exciting tricks and applications in a fun environment. Students will create several finished paintings, while getting a good feel for a unique, enjoyable, and very beautiful medium. Youthful students will create a variety of trees, playing with warm and cool colors. More advanced students will paint using wet on wet watercolor to produce wonderful works of art.



Taught by Troy Wagers, the Taekwondo Enrichment class will focus on bully prevention and basic self defense.



With award winning fiddlers Sherry and Joey McKenzie, students in Enrichment Fiddle will learn basic techniques and simple fiddle tunes.  Sherry and Joey will teach a limited number of Enrichment classes in addition to the optional Fiddle Classes they are teaching for an additional  fee at the Workshop.  Unlike the optional Fiddle Classes, no extra fee or advance preparation is required for this Enrichment class.  Students will be assigned to the Enrichment Fiddle class based on age and/or level.



Margaux Pisula will help students start to build a foundation to read music and develop skills necessary for pitch and rhythmical understanding.



Non-strings playing siblings can join in the fun, too!  Art and Taekwondo will be available to them.